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    How is the skin wrinkled? Laser wrinkle effect is good!

    The cause of long wrinkles

    1, face and neck aging of the body parts of each person loose skin, the distribution of wrinkles, wrinkles, the depth of the different levels. Today's facial wrinkle technology, including laser wrinkle, injection wrinkles, etc., the cheek, submandibular sagging, gravity wrinkles and including the amount of lines, eyebrow vertical lines, nose stripes, etc. are effective wrinkles are good , But the treatment of nasolabial folds is still limited.

    2, age facial wrinkles can only delay the signs of aging, does not stop the aging development, the older, wrinkles, aging is more and more serious. Studies have suggested that the best age of the implementation of rhytidectomy 40 to 60 years old, but the beauty of the United States and the requirements of the increasingly high, 30 to 40 years old people who need to do rhytidectomy also increased significantly.

    Laser wrinkle, wrinkle, wrinkles, facial wrinkles

    3, the whole body condition inadvertently, brain, liver, lung, kidney and other vital organs; no skin or blood system diseases; non-scar constitution; In addition, the elimination of thinning wrinkle effect is better than obesity, long face is better than those who are wide face.

    4, the psychological situation Experts advice: rational treatment, should not expect too high; motives simple, correct attitude; consistent with the views of relatives and friends, confidence and so on.

    Laser wrinkle effect is good

    Laser wrinkle effect is better, because this way is through the high-tech lasers on the skin, stimulate the skin collagen hyperplasia, in order to achieve the role of wrinkle rejuvenation, for no obvious skin relaxation, mild wrinkles, Surgery is not ideal for the eyes or weeks of small wrinkles effect is particularly good, so that laser wrinkle effect is well founded.

    What about laser dehumidification safety?

    Laser wrinkle safety Under normal circumstances no general side effects: laser is a non-surgical noninvasive treatment technology, the operation of the skin without damage, the organization will generally not produce any trauma; and laser treatment does not produce scars, but also generally not Produce pigmentation, etc., is a relatively safe method of wrinkle.

    Laser skin drawing wrinkles common four major problems

    Frequently Asked Questions 1: What are the preoperative preparations for laser wrinkles?

    Laser wrinkle preparation is relatively simple, patients as long as the preoperative do not smoke, do not drink, do not eat sensitive drugs and anti-inflammatory drugs, to ensure that the treatment of skin health on the line.

    Frequently Asked Questions 2: What do you need to pay attention to after laser ablation?

    (1) to reduce the pain: to alleviate the immediate pain after laser ablation can be leached with 2% lidocaine gauze topical.

    (2) to reduce edema: If the patient found significant edema during surgery (often found in the periorbital), postoperative dexamethasone 10mg can also be short-term oral corticosteroids can reduce postoperative swelling.

    (3) to prevent infection: oral antiviral drugs, broad-spectrum antibiotics and antifungal drugs.

    (4) wound treatment: At home and abroad after the use of biological synthesis of semi-permeable, can reduce the postoperative symptoms of dressings or traditional dressings, known as closed method. It can also be just a simple topical use of antibiotic ointment, called open therapy.

    Frequently Asked Questions 3: How long will the effect of laser wrinkle treatment be sustainable?

    The use of self-collagen growth of flattened wrinkles, the effect is lasting, and there is no side effects; a few years after the subcutaneous collagen decay, but also strengthen the treatment to maintain or keep the youth glory.

    Frequently Asked Questions 4: Laser wrinkle treatment needs several times?

    ??Most of the treatment after a treatment, each interval of 2-3 weeks, can achieve satisfactory results; but need 2-3 months effective, 3-6 months after treatment is ideal.

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