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    Causing women to lose hair for six reasons

    Shampoo directly on the hair

    Xiaobian has been so wash your hair, squeeze out the shampoo, rub directly on the hair. But in fact it is wrong to do so, the correct way is to hand the shampoo to play the foam and then wipe the hair. Bubble is used to block the hair friction, if directly on the hair rubbing out the foam, will lead to the root of the accumulation of more chemical substances, increase hair damage. If the bubble is not very good to play, first hit the tail, and then over the scalp, you can reduce the scalp shampoo residue.

    Shampoo, conditioner, hair loss, wash hair

    Put the hair on the top of the head rubbing

    Have a long hair female friends shampoo is certainly the hair heap in the head wash, but the normal way is not the case, from top to bottom stroked the hair to wash, it will not let the hair have the opportunity to tilt trouble.

    Rarely use conditioner

    The main effect of hair conditioner is used to close the hair scales, if the closure is not good, the hair is easy to be hot air, sun damage, and this damage is cumulative. So, women must not be lazy and do not use conditioner.

    Shampoo, conditioner, hair loss, wash hair

    Wipe the hair conditioner on the wet hair

    Shampoo when a dry towel, rub the hair no longer drip and then wiping hair conditioner, this step is very important, because this can make the effect of maximizing the absorption of hair conditioner. Moreover, the more concentrated hair care nutrition, such as the essence of hair, hair film and the like, the higher the requirements of the hair dry.

    Shampoo, conditioner, hair loss, wash hair

    Blowing the main blown hair

    When blowing the most important thing is the scalp, scalp dry, hair will soon be dry, and this can also reduce the damage to the hair. Practice is to lift the hair root by hand, quickly shaking the hair dryer, dry scalp. Blowing to seven or eight into dry can, the hair will be very soft and fluffy.

    Shampoo, conditioner, hair loss, wash hair

    Shampoo fixed one

    Experts recommend that you do not use a long-term shampoo, it is best to buy two or three on the bathroom, take turns to use. This is because the long-term use of a shampoo, easy in the scalp, hair on the formation of residual, long this will have an impact on hair quality, and shampoo can not wash their own residue. But if the next shampoo for another shampoo, you can shampoo hair shampoo on the last time the residue washed clean.

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