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    How does the woman remove the crow's feet?

    Women to a certain age, the eyes will grow crow's feet, especially when laughing when the crow's feet will be more obvious. How does the woman remove the crow's feet? To prevent the crow's feet to eat what good? Do not worry, the following together to understand the next bar!

    How does the woman remove the crow's feet?

    In fact, there are many ways to remove the crow's feet, such as massage points, laser, with skin care and so on.

    Massage points

    1, first by rubbing Yang Bai points

    Yang white, located in the forehead, the pupil is above the upper edge of the eyebrows about a horizontal thumb at the Department. Is the beauty of the points, massage this point can cure the amount of head lines, dark spots, trigeminal neuralgia and so on. The performer first press the bellons in the clockwise direction for 2 minutes, then rubbing in the counterclockwise direction for 2 minutes, with the local feeling of soreness and radiation to the entire forehead as well.

    2, and then press the hall

    Yintang, the middle of the two frowns. Can treat headache, dizziness, eye fatigue, dark circles, forehead, nasal congestion, rosacea, sinusitis and other issues. The surgeon can use the thumb alternately from the root of the nose up to push Yin Tong points about 2 minutes to local soreness is better.

    Crow's feet, massage, dark circles, forehead

    3, according to kneading silk hole

    Silk and bamboo empty, outside the corner of the eye, brow of the depression. This point is often used for eye beauty care can prevent crow's feet, dark circles and other issues, but also treatment of headache, eye swelling and pain, eyelids beating, toothache and other issues. This point massage with Yang Bai points.

    4, according to rubbing pupil child points

    Pupil, corner of the eye 1cm depression. Can be used for eye wrinkles, eyes swollen, blurred vision, fear of light shame, wind and tears, cataracts, headaches and other diseases.

    Laser to wrinkles, to the regular medical institutions.

    Hyaluronic acid to the crow's feet, hyaluronic acid is the human body of water molecules, can make wrinkles after the skin to improve the effect.

    Use eye cream, essence and other skin care products, do not think twice with a can be eliminated, it is impossible, need long-term use and skin care Caixing.

    Crow's feet, massage, dark circles, forehead

    Prevent the crow's feet to eat these foods

    If you do not want to be a fish tail to find the door, the best way is to learn to prevent, eat more in the life of cattle bone soup, chicken skin, chicken soup and other food, can play the effect of anti-wrinkle.

    Rich in alkaline foods

    Acidic, alkaline food is not given the taste of the decision, but refers to the food into the body after the final acidic or alkaline. Alkaline foods include the vast majority of vegetables, fruits, soy products and seafood. Studies have shown that excessive acidic foods make the blood acidic, so that the blood lactic acid, uric acid content increased accordingly. These substances with the sweat to the skin surface, it will make the skin becomes no vitality, loss of elasticity, in particular, will make the facial skin relaxation weakness, encounter cold or sun exposure, easy to split. Eat more alkaline food, can make the blood showed weak alkaline, reduce lactic acid, urea content, reduce the erosion of the skin, damage.

    Rich in chondroitin foods

    Such as pig bone soup, beef soup, chicken skin, chicken soup, etc., can enhance the elasticity of the skin. Human skin is divided into epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous tissue 3 layers, the main effect of skin beauty is leather. The dermis is made of elastic fibers, and the most important constituent of the elastic fibers is chondroitin sulfate. If the human body lack of such chondroitin, the skin that is lost flexibility, wrinkles. So, eat more chondroitin sulfate rich in food, you can delay the occurrence of skin wrinkles, so that the skin to maintain flexibility and delicate.

    Crow's feet, massage, dark circles, forehead


    With the old maternal trotters only (if you can not find the general trotters), washed and boiled paste, sleep at night when applied to the face, the next morning and then wash, adhere to half a month there will be obvious Wrinkle effect.

    fruit and vegetable

    Gourd, banana, orange, watermelon rind, tomato, strawberry and other fruits and vegetables on the skin have the most natural moisture, wrinkle effect, but also made of mask deposited surface, can make the face smooth, wrinkles stretch.


    Beer contains very little alcohol, and contains tannic acid, picric acid has the effect of stimulating appetite, helping digestion and heat. Beer also contains a lot of vitamin B, sugar and protein. Appropriate amount of beer, can enhance physical fitness, reduce facial wrinkles.

    Sea cucumber

    Most of the skin dermis is composed of elastic collagen and elastic fibers, the lack of collagen collagen elasticity of the skin to lose flexibility, the skin will gather together to form a crow's feet. Sea cucumber contains a lot of collagen, it is the most important component of elastic fibers. Appropriate amount of sea cucumber, often drink sea cucumber soup, but also make the skin delicate, over time, crow's feet will be reduced.

    If you have the crow's feet plagued, may wish to eat the above food it!

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