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    Four ways to help you to eliminate eyelid swelling

    Eyelid can be said to be a lot of female friends nightmare, which will make female friends look particularly tired, seriously affect the value. So, eyelid swollen is how is it? How should Chinese medicine deal with it?

    Edema, bags under the eyes, stomach, swelling

    Why the morning will eyelid edema?

    Stay up late for a long time, or the elderly because of reduced blood circulation function, the morning may have a slight swelling of the eyelids, which can not be sick, rest like enough; and pathological edema in addition to the kidney, may also be related to lung and spleen.

    Chinese medicine believes that the body's water in the gas-driven in the body movement, metabolism, which is "gasification", and gasification and lung, spleen, kidney three dirty, the key lies in the kidney. Lungs can clear, regulate the operation of the water channel, wind evil invasion of the lungs, the function will be affected by the impact, and can not pass the waterway, the water spread to the body, wet in the local stay, it may occur edema. The spleen of the main water valley transport, exogenous water wet, spleen Yang trapped, too cold or too tired to hurt the spleen, causing spleen deficiency, can not spread scattered water can also cause edema; and kidney main water, kidney yang is the fundamental human yang , Is a thermal power, can warm the water and promote it to run in the human body, kidney deficiency, water stagnation in the skin, but also the formation of edema.

    Edema, bags under the eyes, stomach, swelling

    Eyes swelling how to swollen

    Tea: a small cup of tea into the refrigerator for about 15 minutes, and then with a small piece of cotton pad dipped in tea, and then deposited on the eyelids, can reduce the degree of pouch edema.

    Before going to bed massage: before going to bed with the ring finger in the middle of the eye gently massage 10 times, every night to keep the eye to alleviate the problem of eye swelling, but also relieve eye fatigue.

    Edema, bags under the eyes, stomach, swelling

    Fruits apply eye: before going to bed in the eyes of the skin paste figs or cucumber slices, stick to use can reduce the bags under the eyes. Can also be used papaya plus mint soaked in hot water made of tea, Liang Liang often coated on the skin now. Papaya tea can not only update the tired eyes, but also reduce the effectiveness of the current capsules.

    Ice: wake up early in the morning swollen eyes, available ice for ten minutes. Swollen eyes of the first aid method is the ice, ice cream can be used or cotton pad ice water wet in the edema of the eyelids, after using a significant effect.

    Edema, bags under the eyes, stomach, swelling

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